Jaspers naar finaleronden in Kersttoernooi Zundert

Nederlander in twee poulewedstrijden naar winst en is al zeker van plaats in halve finale. Daarin staan ook drie Belgen: Forthomme, Caudron en Peter Ceulemans. Halve finales vanaf 17.00 uur zaterdagmiddag, finale om 14.00 uur zondagmiddag

29 december 2018

ZUNDERT - Dick Jaspers is in the final rounds of three Belgians in the Christmas tournament in Zundert this weekend. The Dutch world champion, who for the first time after years in the end-year tournament in their own environment, again throws to victory, has after two parties already secured. He won both Peter Ceulemans (4-0 in sets) and Eddy Merckx (4-3) and today, Saturday, at 12.00 only plays against Gerwin Valentijn for the statistics. Roland Forthomme, Frédéric Caudron and Peter Ceulemans are the other three semi-finalists.
Peter Ceulemans joins the final rounds in the Jaspers group thanks to a victory in his last match against Eddy Merckx (4-2). Valentine and Merckx are disabled. In the other group, Roland Forthomme remained unbeaten with victories against Caudron (4-3) and Barry van Beers (4-1). Forthomme plays against Leppens in his last game this afternoon at 2:00 PM. In this group Van Beers seized alongside qualifying by loss against Caudron in his last group time, despite a 3-1 lead in sets. Caudron won the deciding three sets with 9-0, 9-4 and 9-0. Eddy Leppens has been eliminated by two losses.
The tournament is played in short sets of nine in the preliminaries to the 'best of 7'. Biljartcentrum D'n Hoek in Zundert, where the Christmas tournament is traditionally played, is enthusiastic about the gaming system. The hall was almost sold out in the first two days.
Today, Saturday, the tournament continues at 12.00 with Jaspers-Valentine and 14.00 with Forthomme-Leppens, two last group matches that are no longer important for the placing. Then at 17.00 and 20.00 the finals go to best or 9. Tomorrow, Sunday, the final is at 14.00 to best of 11. The matches can be seen live at kozoom.com.
The positions in the two groups:
Group A:
1 Jaspers 2-4
2 Ceulemans 3-4
3 Merckx 3-2
4 Valentine 2-0
Group B:
1 Forthomme 2-4
2 Caudron 3-4
3 Van Beers 3-2
4 Leppens 2-0.
Tekst: Frits Bakker
Foto Dick Jaspers (Paul Brekelmans)
Driebanden Jaspers, Dick
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