Uitgesteld: EK Bandstoten, EK Artistiek & Euro Youth

EK Artistiek (23-26 april in Miramar, Spanje) het EK Bandstoten (15-17 mei Paiporta, Spanje) en EuroYouth 2020 (10-13 april 2020) worden verplaatst naar latere datum

15 maart 2020

Officieel statement EK Artistiek & EK Bandstoten (vrijdag 13 maart 2020):

We contacted with the Confederation Europeenne de Billar in order to inform you that the European Championships Artistic and One Cushion that were going to be held in Spain were soon to be postponed, given the critical situation caused by the Coronavirus, with the intention of retaking them again when the situation is normalized and there is no danger to people. With all our pain we regret this situation.

With the best regards,
President RFEB
Mr.Antonio Ortiz


Officieel statement EuroYouth (vrijdag 13 maart 2020):

EuroYouth 2020 (10-13 avril 2020) cancelled.

Because of the situation with Coronavirus, Belgian Federation (KBBB/FRBB) has decided to cancel this competition.

Artistiek Bandstoten EK
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